Happy New Year from Americare Network!

We are extremely excited to start this year and continue helping our healthcare providers. For those who do not know our company, we are a medical billing company and much more.

Not only can we help your healthcare facility with medical billing, but we can also help with financing and credentialing to name a few. In terms of medical billing, we have expanded our services over the past year by collaborating with a premier testing lab to better bill for collections and other services. You can read more about our services here and learn more about how we work with the lab to help providers here.

We focus on medical billing, but all our services work together to help your facility expand its revenue overall. We can create a unique billing platform for your practice or work within the system you currently have. Through a combination of innovative technology, proven processes, and expert knowledge, our highly trained and experienced team will help your practice maximize reimbursements. While our team focuses on helping your practice receive payments quicker for long term stability, our services like the financing option can help your practice with immediate financial obligations. Learn more about the scenarios we can help with here.

We are excited to continue working with our providers and meeting new ones in this new year. If you’re looking for a fresh start this year, contact us today to learn more about our services and find out more about how they work together to benefit your healthcare practice. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!