Focus on What You Do Best

Americare's line of service include billing, insurance credentialing,and process improvements

that allow your practice to:

Lower down operation costs

Reduce billing errors

Ensure billing compliance

Expand patient care focus

Increase patient satisfaction

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Our Promise

Our highly trained and experienced team promises to utilize innovative technology and processes to aid your practice in getting maximum reimbursements, which allows you to Focus on what you do best… Care for your patients!

About Us

“Americare Network is a breath of fresh air! They have kept every promise they made, exceeded my expectations, and the team has been helpful while working through the seamless conversion process. I fully recommend the Americare Network team to any physician looking to gain or maintain an edge in today’s unique healthcare business dynamic. Now the providers and staff can return our focus to our patients.”

Lacie Williams, Office Manager

Bountiful Family Healthcare

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