We Are Medical Billing Specialists

Utilizing innovative technology, proven processes and expert knowledge, our coding and billing specialists at Americare Network will help your healthcare practice drive maximum reimbursements. We work with a variety of practices in the United States to deliver customized, HIPAA compliant,  billing solutions, working on your platform or ours. Outsource your billing to us, save on costs, and grow your practice.

Scenarios We Can Help With…

✔ Looking to purchase upgraded equipment to help patients better?

✔ In need to hire more physicians or office staff to run more efficiently?

✔ Planning to open a secondary location to expand your practice?

✔ Requiring immediate capital for overhead costs or other expenses?

How Do We Help?

We cover a range of billing and collections services. Our focus on billing allows us to support your practice in the following, plus more, to lighten your administrative burdens and increase revenue.

  • Claim submissions
  • Claim error identification
  • Timely follow-ups and appeals
  • Explanation of Benefits reviews
  • Credentialing & contracting analysis
  • plus more…

How Do Our Services Add Revenue To Your Practice?

  • Customized medical billing to decrease denials and increase collections.

  • Focus on medical billing to shorten your billing & collections cycles.

  • Medical financing for billing clients to increase immediate revenue with 0% interest.

  • Additional services to add more revenue so you can grow your practice while focusing on patient care.

We focus on medical billing, but our additional services work together to add even more revenue back to your practice. This combination of services support your practice in accomplishing your short and long term goals. Learn more about our additional services below.

Still not sure if outsourcing
makes financial sense?

As an example, take a look at the numbers on $500,000 of billing, then think about what a $50,000 increase in profits could mean.





Work space, hardware, software,
installation and maintenance
$ 24,000
Salary and benefits per 1 biller $ 46,200
Payroll taxes, workers comp $ 4,300
Administrative costs, training
and certifications
$ 5,600
Billing fee $ 0
Work space, hardware, software,
installation and maintenance
$ 0
Salary and benefits per 1 biller $ 0
Payroll taxes, workers comp $ 0
Administrative costs, training
and certifications
$ 0
Billing fee (at 6% of collections) $ 30,000

What Our Clients Are Saying

“It has been a great experience working with Americare Network. The team that we work with is dedicated and they make sure to help with any questions, concerns, or needs that we have in a timely manner. They have been an integral part of our success and growth. I highly recommend Americare Network to anyone in need of medical billing.”

Sharon Bundy - Administration Director, James Mason Centers For Recovery


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