We specialize in medical billing.

This focus allows our team of clinically knowledgeable managers and back office staff to be highly efficient and much more cost effective than internal teams juggling multiple responsibilities.

You only pay a small percentage of what is collected. Our specialized teams know when to follow up on claims and when to push back on insurance denials, partial payments, and slow pays. This results in quicker payment and collection rates 10-20% above most companies.

Still not sure if outsourcing
makes financial sense?

Take a look at the numbers:




Americare Network BILLING

*Working space, hardware, software,
installation maintenance
$ 18,000
Salary per 1 biller $ 40,000
Payroll taxes, worker’s comp $ 4,300
Employee benefits package $ 6,200
Administrative costs, IT support $ 8,000

Want to see whether
you have a real need?

Take this self-assessment:

  • Are some of your claims not making it to the appropriate payers?
  • Are you spending too much time focusing on the business aspect of medicine?

  • Are you experiencing an increased number of denied claims?
  • Is your accounts receivable pay-out period too long (more than 30 – 45 days)?

  • Would you be satisfied with 97% of first claim acceptance rate?

  • Would you like to dedicate more time to patient’s care?

  • Could you have collected revenue on some accounts that were written off, if appropriate follow-up had occurred?

  • Do you need to improve your cash flow?

  • Do you feel that your Medicare and Medicaid claims are not handled in timely manner?

  • Are you facing a major capital investment in new hardware or software?

  • Are hardware, software and IT issues disrupting the operation of your practice?

  • Do you believe that your billing/office personnel needs more professional training, to be in tune with new regulations and practices of the industry?

  • Do you face problems employing and retaining effective billing staff?

  • Are you planning to expand your practice?

  • Are you, in general, dissatisfied with the effectiveness of the billing/business office?

  • Do you believe that your practice’s cost structure is too high?


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