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Medical Financing

Running a practice can have unexpected financial surprises. Having access to low-cost advances on claims can be a life saver or simply provide great peace of mind.

Our 25+ years of industry experience and solid financial backing allows Americare to offer billing clients a unique financial service called medical financing. Practitioners that don’t work with Americare don’t have this advantage.

How it works:

We offer medical financing lines-of-credit to our medical billing clients. The line-of-credit is determined based on an average claims collectible amount for your practice. When you sign on as a billing client, you are immediately eligible for borrowing at 50% of the average collectible amount. Overall, your practice could receive up to a 70% line-of-credit* over time.

When outstanding insurance payments are received, simply pay back what was financed with minimal interest. Your practice keeps the remaining amount.

Let our team of certified professionals assist you with your revenue management needs and discuss ways that repayment plans can be customized to your individual practice.

*All Medical Financing arrangements require personal and business background/credit checks.

Our Medical Financing Service
is beneficial for practices that are:

  • Too new to obtain bank financing.
    (Less than 3 years old)
  • Needing immediate funds for one-time payroll
  • Needing expansion and/or working capital

  • Purchasing new equipment or facilities