Do These Scenarios Sound Like Your Practice?

Americare Network can help with your medical billing needs and add additional revenue for situations like the following and more!

Hiring staff

Perhaps your practice needs to hire more staff. An extra physician can see more patients, or an additional front-office staff member can help sign in more patients so wait times decrease. However, billing has been backed up recently and there is no capital on hand to hire a new person while you wait for claims to be submitted and payments to be received. You would like to hire someone sooner rather than later so your practice can help more people as soon as possible.

Purchasing Equipment

Perhaps your practice needs an upgraded piece of equipment. With this new machine you would be able to help more patients. However, your billing cycle does not align with your current financial needs and you need to wait for collections. There have been delays in billing and a few errors in some claim submissions. You are not sure when you will have the required funding to buy this equipment.

Expanding Your Practice

Perhaps you are planning to expand your practice to a secondary location. Whether you are renting or purchasing a new facility, you need funding to accomplish some short-term expansion goals. Maybe you need to put a down payment on a location in less than a month. However, your billing and collections cycle currently takes, on average, more than 30 days. You have some funding available, but your practice needs some additional financing immediately to secure the new location.

For any of these scenarios, and more, Americare Network can help

✔️ Speed up the billing cycle, getting less denials, and adding more revenue back to your practice.

✔️ Provide immediate, 0% financing for your operating and overhead costs

✔️ Lower costs of billing compared to in-house operations

How Much Additional Revenue?

For example, if your practice collects, on average, $500 000 in the last 3 months through billing, you are eligible for a line of credit equal to 50% of this amount. You can then use the immediate $250 000 for hiring, purchasing equipment, practice expansion plans, and etc.

This initial financing service is aimed at providing a great peace of mind so you can achieve your short-term goals and needs. This financing option is unique to Americare Network and only for billing patients because at the same time, our expert team will focus on billing to help you receive payments quicker for long-term stability. Our focus on billing allows us to submit claims and help you receive payments faster, with less denials and errors.

Our other services, such as Chronic Care Management, also work to add additional revenue. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your healthcare practice and its unique goals.