With the rise in telehealth, we have created a new way for patients to get the care they need, when they need it. Partnering with pharmacies and telehealth providers, we have developed an app called AmyCare aimed at helping patients get access to telehealth care in local pharmacies!

Pharmacies are an important institution in many communities and can help in many ways. We want to assist pharmacies in providing more services for their patients.

What is telehealth?

It is a remote, patient care method that allows patients to receive some healthcare services via phone, video chat, etc. with providers. You can view our past blogs for more information:

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How does Americare help?

Our AmyCare app, which will be set up in pharmacies, will help with patient registrations, and our system will connect the patients to a telehealth provider via their mobile smartphones. This way, patients who are in need of prescriptions, will be able to get a telehealth visit and a prescription right at the pharmacy.

On the pharmacy side, paired with our EMR system, pharmacy staff can keep track of who registered for an appointment via our app.

On the telehealth provider side, they can use our EMR system for medical notes and managing patient info, or, if providers want to use their own software, we can work together to integrate our systems.

We’ve begun roll out on this telehealth system and are excited for this next step in our services to help our customers and help patients as well. Contact us today to learn more about this new service and what we can do to help!