It’s simple! Our app will be set up in a tablet at pharmacies in our network. Individuals can come into the pharmacy and easily register on our app by entering some basic information (name, date of birth, address, phone number, etc.) about themselves. Once checked-in, the system itself will connect the patient to an available provider to go through the rest of the appointment right on the patients’ smartphone. Patients with or without insurance can make a copay or self pay upfront through a secure system before the appointment.

On the pharmacy side, we help pharmacy staff get familiar with our app and system. On the provider side, we work with the clinic to get everything set up and help clinic staff and providers get used to the process as well. We will help to connect both sides and help you provide this telehealth service for patients.

After the appointment, patients can then get the prescriptions they need right at the pharmacy.

We can do walkthroughs and help with connecting the clinic to the pharmacy, implementing new facilities, guiding everyone through the process to make it as smooth as possible, and help with questions and support services after you get started.

We’ve begun rollout on this initiative already and are excited for what lies ahead. Contact us today to find out more!