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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will provide reimbursements for uninsured individuals who need COVID-19 testing, treatment, or vaccines. This will allow providers to seek reimbursement for these types of services for dates of service after February 4, 2020. However, providers must verify and state that the patient does not have any coverage for healthcare.

Additionally, there is a separate program called the HRSA COVID-19 Coverage Assistance Fund for healthcare providers and facilities to get reimbursed for COVID-19 vaccine services for individuals whose health insurance does not include COVID-19 vaccines as a covered benefit or whose COVID-19 vaccine benefit includes cost sharing.

To be covered under the uninsured program, you will need to first enroll as a provider participant. Reimbursement under this program will be based on the current Medicare fee schedule rates unless otherwise stated.

What is covered?

Under the program for the uninsured, services from antibody testing and specimen collections to office visits and emergency ambulance transportation, etc. are covered. Also covered are FDA approved vaccination service fees. COVID-19 must be the primary diagnosis.

You can find out more about requirements here.

How Americare Network Can Help

We can assist you and your facility with billing these types of claims. Our expert billing team has experience navigating the HRSA website to get these claims billed out and reimbursed in a timely manner.

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