Our 25 years of industry experience and financially backed monetary strength allow Americare to offer our billing clients a unique financial service called medical financing

We are so confident in our ability to collect maximum payments for your claims, that we can offer medical financing lines of credit!

We work with a third-party lender that trusts our work. They know if we are handling your claims, they can be confident in extending lines of credit for your submitted claims. Clients that don’t work with Americare don’t have this advantage. Running a practice can have unexpected financial surprises. Having access to low cost advances on claims can be a life saver, or just great peace of mind. No need to run through all the paperwork at a bank or lending institution.

Insurance payments have always fluctuated in the medical industry and make it difficult to know what to count on each month. Upon establishing billing services, medical financing will allow us to extend a line of credit up to *70% of expected payment for outstanding insurance claims.

*All factoring will require personal and business background/credit checks.

The process is simple, when outstanding insurance payments are received, simply pay back what was financed with minimal interest. Keep the remainder, and never worry about cash flow issues again! In some cases, get money interest free for the first 2 months, ask us how.

Let our team of certified professionals assist you with your revenue management needs.

Our Financing Service is beneficial for medical practices that are:

  1. Too new to obtain bank financing. (Less than 3 years old)
  2. Needing immediate funds for one-time payroll
  3. Needing expansion and/or working capital
  4. Needing acquisition financing
  5. Purchasing new equipement/or facilities

The Initial credit line is based on the client’s financial reports and credit history. The amount financed can be increased later; up to 70% of the practice’s receivables.

Client requests desired line of credit; approval is based on above terms. Financing agreement is then drawn up which outlines the amount of credit that can be offered. Client will submit cash advance application for money when it is desired.

Client completes authorization of release for Americare Network to run a credit history and submits the requested financial documentation.

Step 1

Applying for Financing

Step 2

Establishing Amount of Credit

Step 3


Step 4

Payment Option

Requesting more funds

Financing Continues

Step 5

Step 6

Client will then pay installments as well as interest fee that are indicated on the cash advance application in three equal monthly installments.

Clients can request additional financing funds if current on all agreements, and the amount does not exceed the determined credit line; all that is needed is for the client to complete another cash advance application for the amount to be factored.

Financing continues at client’s discretion based on financial need.